Krossneslaug pool and play

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Krossneslaug in Nordurfjordur
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Krossneslaug is located where the road ends on the edge of the North Atlantic Sea with the roar of the waves and the mountains towering it. Here, natural springs provide a continuous source of hot water to feed the open-air pool down on the pebble beach, whose walls are barely a couple of meters from the icy waters of the Atlantic; a swim here is one of the most memorable experiences Iceland has to offer.

Krossneslaug is on the beaten track and boasts vast views and obvious links to shore and sea. The pool is also well placed for known hiking trails. The pool´s position and its surroundings all contribute to its particular suitability to families.

Future development

Protection from wind and soil reclamation run through Vatnavinir´s proposals for the site. A sheep fence now by the pool should be moved in order to enlarge the pool area and the encroachment of sheep and cars should be restricted. Cars will be parked above the pool and the car park demarcated by a dry stonewall. A path lies from the car park to the pool area.

An insulated shipping container now serves as a changing room and will remain but an old carpentry shed, which previously served that purpose, is in such a condition that it will need to go. Vatnavinir also propose to build 3-4 viewing boxes clad on with recycled ship steel on the outside and wood on the inside – Icelandic larch, reusable timbers from the torn down old shed or other incidental timbers from the immediate area. The boxes will provide guests with a sheltered viewing place well suited to eating packed lunches.

Below the current pool, tubs will be made from concrete with dry rocks lining the exterior. Two smaller tubs will be situated below the pool and one larger at the seashore. The latter is shallower and intended for paddling. Playground equipment – sand pits, swings and wind carousels – would be made from old telephone poles and placed at a suitable distance from the pool itself.

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